One of the pleasures of a Foray is meeting like-minded people to share in the collection, identification and cataloguing of the mycota of Newfoundland Labrador. This pleasurable task sometimes leads to academic research on fungi using on our collection stored in the herbarium at the Grenfell Campus of Memorial University. Some of this research also involves members of Foray NL. This work enables Foray NL to attract national and international academics to be part of our annual Foray  and to collaborate in investigative projects that often result in scholarly articles like the ones listed below.

To access an article, click on a title. A pdf file will download in a separate window.

2010      Ohenoja, Wang, Townsend, Mitchel,  Voitk.  Northern species of earth tongue genus Thuemenidium revisited, considering morphology, ecology and molecular phylogeny. Mycologia Sept/Oct, 2010.

2014      Tourtelot & Horton. A revision of the Alpova diplophloeus complex in North America. Mycologia.  June, 2014.

2015      Lebeuf, Thorn, Boertm & Voitk. Hygrocybe jackmanii.  Fungal Planet, December 2015.

Saar, Irja & Voitk, Type studies of two Tricholomopsis species described by Peck. Mycol Progress June, 2015.

2016      Voitk, Beug, O’Donnell & Burzynski. Two new species of true morels from Newfoundland and Labrador: cosmopolitan Morchella eohespera and parochial M. Laurentiana. Mycologia, Oct. 2015.

2017       Lucking, Thorn, Saar, Piercey-Normore, Moncada, Doering, Mann, LeBeuf, Voitk & Voitk. A hidden basidiolichen rediscovered: Omphalina oreades is a separate species in the genus Lichenomphalia (Basidiomycota: Agaricales: Hygrophoraceae). The Lichenologist, 2017.

Thorn, Kim, Lebeuf, and Voitk .The golden chanterelles of Newfoundland and Labrador: a new species, a new record for North America, and a lost species rediscovered. Botany, May 2017

2018       Niskanen, et al.  Identifying and naming the currently known diversity of the genus Hydnum, with an emphasis on European and North American taxa. Mycologia, Sept. 2018.

Voitk, Saar, Trudell, Spirin, Beug, Kõljalg. Polyozellus multiplex (Thelephorales) is a species complex containing four new

 Species. Nov/Dec, 2017.

Matheny & Swenie. The Inocybe geophylla group in North America A revision of the lilac species. Micologica, Nov/Dec. 2018.

2019      Haight, Nakasone,  Laursen,  Redhead, Taylor &  Glaeser. Fomitopsis mounceae and F. schrenkii—two new species from North America in the F. Pinicola complex. Micologia, Mar. 2019.

2020       Voitk,  Saar, Lodge, Boertmann, Berch, Larsson New species and reports of Cuphophyllus from northern North America compared with related  Eurasian species. Mycologica, Feb. 2020

Voitk,Saar, Lebeuf, and Kennedy. The Pseudoomphalina kalchbrenneri complex in North America. Botany, Jan. 2020.