Many sites on the Web list complete or near-complete mycological links. We do not aim to duplicate such efforts, and our incomplete list may seem somewhat arbitrary.

Photo-sharing Web Sites

At present, the links include Facebook Groups and Flickr photo-sharing Groups with a mycological theme. Some Individual Flickr sites devoted to fungi are also included.

Other Websites

There are many Websites on mycology on the Internet. Some are maintained by professional mycologists as part of their research. Others contain encyclopedic type information on a wide range of mycology topics. Many are useful to members who wish to expand their knowledge of mushrooms biology, ecology and identification.


Some members of Foray NL contribute to peer reviewed research journals. Since the articles are often about Newfoundland mycolia, they might be of interest to the general membership.

Fungi Magazine

Foray NL has had a long association with Fungi Magazine. At one time, a one year subscription to the magazine was included as part of membership. Over the years, some Foray NL members have contributed to the magazine. Links to some of the articles are included here.


Osprey is the magazine of Nature Newfoundland and Labrador (formerly the Newfoundland and Labrador Natural History Society).

It has been published by the society for over 3 decades; it provides a forum for discussion of environmental issues and is a source of information and original research material focusing on various aspects of the province’s natural history such as birds, plants, mushrooms  insects, mammals, general ecology and philosophical nature musings. Myco-related articles are linked here.


The Mycophile is published bimonthly by the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), with articles of interest to NAMA members, including nationwide forays and announcements, photography contest winners and award recipients, and news about the NAMA annual foray.

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