The exact number of mushroom species growing in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is unknown. Estimates have been placed at around 8000, somewhat short of the ten thousand believed to be growing on adjacent continental North America. Foray NL believes that species considered typical in this province are around 1200 - 1500 and that most have been located. It is likely that with time and increased canvassing of the province, more species will be discovered.

The three webpages displayed in the pull down menu in this navigation bar tab lists most of the mushroom species collected, identified and photographed by Foray NL over the years. The lists are primarily Friesian (classified by morphology), with a very modest nod to phylogenic relationships. All items are arranged alphabetically.

The species lists are presented in three different ways.

1. Indices: Many fungi collected in Newfoundland and Labrador have been covered in Omphalina, the newsletter of Foary Newfoundland and Labrador. Back issues of Omphalina can also be searched via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing authors, topic , fungi species and a running tally indices. This spreadsheet can be downloaded from the link below for browsing and searching on your computer. See the Current Issue Omphalina for the link.

2. List by Foray: lists species collected at each Foray. The lists are presented by year with the general Foray location indicated for each one. They are presented as PDF files. You can refer to them when visiting an area previously covered by a Foray to get an indication of what mushrooms you can expect or hope to find in the area, although not all species will be found on all trails covered during the Foray.

3. Flickr Images: displays the cumulative index via the Flickr photo-sharing website. The links on this page match the table of contents of the printable cumulative index above. This will make it easier for you to find the mushrooms images you want.

4. Phyla/Genera: displays an index of voucher images as organized by phyla and also by genera. The former will narrow the display of species images to phyla. The latter will display alphabetically all of the genera located by Foray NL. These list can be used to visually compare your finds to species collected by Foray NL. Depending on the species, the collection of images sometimes show different stages in a mushroom’s development and the variations that can be seen between individuals in the same species. Because of the time between collection and photographing, some species will show some differences with ones seen in situ.

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